The Power of being Female

The Birth of Venus - By Botticelli

The Birth of Venus – By Botticelli

So in an effort to getting my writing mojo on, my first few entries will be quite random …well hell, who am I fooling, they are all going to be random.

Currently being in my mid-twenties, I am just now finding out who I am. Or so I think. I am first, a female, and I love everything (almost everything) that comes with it. We females, do not have a strong physique, or powerful voice, but we have the ability to use our femininity in ways that men could never imagine accomplishing.

Being a powerful female, does NOT mean you need to be beautiful in the eyes of men, does not mean you need to be able to grace the cover of men’s dirty magazines. Being a powerful female is all in the confidence of who you are. How cliché right? Confidence? Never heard that one before…

There is a fine line between being a confident woman, being a man hater, and trying to be a man. A confident woman KNOWS that she is a lady, expects to be treated like one, and accepts nothing less. A confident woman knows her limitations, knows how to work around them, and embraces the female life entirely.

Let’s face it, it is STILL a man’s world! (I know that statement is going to cause some alarm, however outside of our sheltered America, men still run the world.) I also understand that lots of feminist readers don’t share that opinion, or cringe at the thought of it, however I am OK with it! Embracing my femininity means that I ACCEPT that I am a female, I also ACCEPT that there are weaknesses among my sex, and I ACCEPT that there is nothing more comforting than being in the presence of the stronger male sex.

Don’t get me wrong, I can hold my own. I can outsmart and outwit many a man, but that raw urge inside to be protected (no matter how long I had tried to ignore it) is still there. The safety that comes with having men on your side is unarguable to me.

That’s where the learning to play the other party begins. If I am being honest, (which I promised I would be, whether it hurts or not), I have gotten further in life dealing with men, than with women.

I support “women power,” and am a big proponent for the advocacy of women’s rights and voice, and I further believe that women need to take more time supporting other women, rather than clawing at them. I also believe that it is harder to manipulate a woman, and there is an inherent jealousy and envy when two women are dealing with each other. Us women, are always comparing ourselves to each other. Who has the better hair? Wait, my outfit is sexier. Her boobs must be fake….etc. When dealing with a man, there is none of that. Nature takes over in a different way. The natural desire to communicate, be close, and to be protected kick in. If you show a man a little respect, pay attention to his words, and make him feel valued, then HE values YOU. A connection is made. Men and women by nature are meant to go together.. when this translates over to business, it makes making deals easier and more efficient!

I have learned that if you approach a man and are displaying a strength meant to compete with him, or intimidate his own strength, you are not going to get very far. Men certainly want a challenge.. however, (if there sexual preference is straight), they do not want to be dealing with a female, who is acting like a man. Tap into that femininity and use it. It is one of our greatest strengths to being a female! Let’s not forget who we are, in exchange for trying to change nature and be the man that we certainly are not.

Of course I am not touching every base here. There are women who feel more comfortable living and engaging in masculine activities, and there are plenty of men who enjoy expressing their feminine side. I am only writing from my own experiences, my own values/opinions, and what I have seen of the world through these two eyes. I am made up of contradictions and misbeliefs at times, however they are MINE. This is what this journey for me is about …

All yours,



Intro to the Real Thing

Truth Starts

This is me.  Uncensored, unedited, raw, dirty, imaginative, and offensive at times.  I do not ask that you always agree with me, I enjoy controversy, however, how free can it be to just say and express everything that we feel and are?  My mission is to be free.  I hope that you join me, disagree with me, laugh at me, maybe take some advice, strike up a conversation, or perhaps feel free yourself, because I just said and admitted something you never would! 

I am on a mission every morning I wake up to find me.

I know who I am in public, at work, with my friends/family etc …but who am I to myself?  We are about to find out…

♥ All Yours,