Living Under Rocks …and oh yes, Scottish Independence



Ever since I began my new job a little over a year ago, I have essentially been living under a rock.  Most days, I am up at 2am and clocking in at 4am.  This also means, that I am usually in bed before the sun goes down, so I can get up well rested, and do it all again tomorrow.  I really do enjoy my schedule, of course it took some adjustment, but I rarely get the opportunity to watch the news anymore.  I used to have a pretty good grasp on the world and what was going on in politics, in the media, and even celebrity news, but the past year I depend on my “news,” through third parties, if it so happens to come up, and it’s usually during a tipsy conversation during a night out on the town.   I suppose I could find the time to check out the newspaper, or even put my smart phone to good use, but to be honest, I have been a lot happier not reading about the animal cruelty, the child abuse, and the stupid wars we are fighting.  I have been a lot calmer not hearing about our silly political debates and how, for the millionth year in the row, we cannot find a way to come to bipartisan agreements for the betterment of our country.  I am not naïve, I realize that people suffer, are suffering, and will suffer in the future.  It breaks my frieken heart open.  But it IS nice, not to be reminded of this on a daily basis.  Ignorance is bliss my friends.

Ok.  End rant.  Back to Scottish Independence.  I understand why Scotland wants independence.  I live in a somewhat independent country, and I still want independence!  As one who tends to be more liberal and leans more to the left, I can understand Scotland’s need to want to separate from their more conservative neighbors in the UK.  I imagine it would be something like removing me from my New England life, and dropping me somewhere in the South and telling me I now had to believe in, support, and spend my money on the ideals of right-winged America. While I support differing opinions, I’d be calling bullshit too!


Do I really care if Scotland becomes independent?  I’m not sure yet.  I thought that I would take a little of my free time and try to educate myself on the impact that their freedom would have on our country, and on me.  Let’s face it, I’m American and selfish, what does Scottish independence do for MY life?  Well, let me tell YOU!  According to Lord Robertson, (former NATO secretary,) it would mean a more dangerous world for me… and you.. to live in.  I like danger, so I kept on reading what this intelligent man had to tell me.  I further learned that the fear of Scotland separating from the UK, would possibly push and promote other countries to separate and seek independence from their greater nations as well.  We would essentially be traveling back into time, when Europe was made of many little independent countries who were constantly at strife and war with each other (Parker, 2014).  With too many chefs in the kitchen, comes a dinner that nobody wants to eat!

While I agree that breaking Europe into too many smaller parts would make it nearly impossible for big decisions to be made and harder to keep track of alliances and treaties, I’m not sure it concerns me too much.  We are one nation here in the U.S. and we can’t make a damn decision to save our souls either!  It’s not that we are in strife with other nations, we have enough strife among ourselves to make running this government damn near impossible lately.   I loathe fear propaganda.  While I am not discrediting the argument in it’s entirety, there is a hint of desperation in the voice of the article whispering, “take a stand against Scotland’s independence U.S.,  get involved in one more thing that you should have kept your face out of, or this could be the end of your country….”  That’s what I might have heard …did you hear it too?

I believe the bigger dilemma is for England herself.  With Scotland leaving, it would leave over 50 seats open in the government that would be overtaken by the right wing enthusiasts of Britain (Johnson, 2014).  Oh, how I do feel for those liberal minded souls that will be left in the UK, and the voice that they will no longer have.  I see that as the bigger problem here.

Scotland seems to have it’s act together.  At least philosophically.  They are a proactive society who puts value in education, health care, and non nuclear defense.  They are friendly, peaceful, and have big goals that they are actually working towards, not just talking about.  I am not sure why we would want to stifle such a wonderful country from developing all this good will.  Perhaps Scotland could teach the world a lesson.  A lesson on how to gain independence in a violent free procedure, while doing the right thing, while aiming for a better world, a better country and for a better future.  After all, all great ideas begin with a great philosophy.


Go Scotland!

 XO all yours,