Time Travel …and stuff.

Time Machine

RL’s rendering of Time

Time Travel and stuff…

I like to read, but I only like to read non-fiction, yet still have an interest in fantasy and the what “might-be’s” in life. It truly keeps life more interesting. I have always had an obsession with history as it combines my like for the truth with the need to use imagination to envision and fill in the gaps. History isn’t just a bunch of facts, it’s about philosophy, the what-if’s, the theories and the speculations. That is what makes studying history not only interesting, but continuously thought provoking and titillating.

Along with my large interests in history in general, I have always been drawn to the history of religions and faiths. I am including here everything from the history of Christianity, the conspiracies of the Vatican, Scientology, the study of the God’s of Egypt to Greece and all in between. Lumped in that interest, I find compelling the study of cults, the occult, the esoteric philosophies of the new age thinkers, Renaissance realists and so on.  There really is no end to my interests of the unknown, and it never fails that I find some pretty fascinating topics during my research of these things. Hence, time traveling!

Now, I am not a huge conspiracy theorist, nor am I completely off my rocker, but, I can’t help but find these kind of stories absolutely fascinating. The dreamer inside of me never says absolutely no to these events possibly existing, as I fear life would become incredibly boring if I discredited all the fantasy that I find. While I do not understand the physics and the science behind time travel, I do know it has something to do with the speed of light and worm holes. And besides, Albert Einstein said it was possible, and that man was frieken awesome!

The picture that peaked my interest in all of this is right below..

Time Travel

This picture is from the Virtual Bralorne Pioneer Museum, from British Columbia, Canada.

Do you spot Waldo??  It is one of the most common pictures that will come up if you image search time travel proof. It certainly is a very absorbing picture and maybe I’m a little kooky, but it looks like Ben Affleck too!

Clearly, this man does not belong in this photograph, but is it enough to call it proof of time travel? Or was he a trend-setter for his generation? Either way, it’s got my attention!

There are a few stories and pictures that are supposedly proof of time travel, and I will let ya’ll search for them if you so desire, but it got me thinking about this tiny little life that we live. I find comfort perhaps in thinking that his world is bigger than our brains can imagine. That life may not be so linear after all, and to me, this is almost proof in the life after death debate. After losing my entire family, it is, more than ever, important for me to grasp at these signs, at these possibilities, as it brings me joy and comfort, that perhaps they are really not that far away after all.

If I had my own time machine, I would certainly travel into the past.  I would want to go back “home,” smell my mother’s amazing cooking, see my dad doting over the family dog, and sit down to dinner with my favorite people in the world.  My family.  I would have no interest in the seeing the future.  I can already predict that it will not be pretty for the world, pretty for our country, and quite frankly, I might blow my brains out if I knew there was more devastation and heartache to come in my future.

Sometimes, I suspect that I am already capable of time travel.  There are moments when I can actually smell my mother’s perfume, when I can hear my dad’s voice, and I can visual every chip in the paint, the colors of the wood, the cracks in patio.  I can recall the sound of the floors creaking, the way the wind sounded blowing through the maple tree, and  can even imagine the designs of the dishes and which ones would be on the drying rack right this moment.  Sometimes these visions are comforting, but more times than not, they are haunting.  They haunt me every day, yet my soul yearns for those memories while my heart shatters over them.

Wow.  How did time travel become so depressing?

XO all yours,